A Ceiling Fan Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2022

How to make a Ceiling Fan costume

Ceiling Fan Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Go Ceilings Shirt This Go Ceilings shirt is a great merch for any lover of ceilings. You can even choose to wear what color you want.
2 Go Ceilings Cap Add to your ceiling paraphernalia with this awesomely basic Go Ceilings cap.
3 Cheerleading Pompoms Cheerleaders need their cheering props so don’t forget to bring your pompoms.
4 Foam Hand Another great fan prop to bring is a foam hand. Customize yours to say ‘# 1 Ceiling Fan!’
5 EVA Foam As an additional option, you can also create a foam replica of a ceiling fan to put on top of your head instead of a cap.

Everyone loves a good pun! Sure, it can sometimes be annoying but puns are a witty form of entertainment so we’ll take it. The great things about puns is that they’re not just stuck in one form. You can say it out loud in conversations. You can write them down on paper. And you can even them wear them proudly!

This costume is a punny take on ceiling fans. We all know that the actual term ‘ceiling fan’ refers to the electronic fans set up on our ceilings that rotate to keep us cool.

But you can also construe this term as a person who really likes ceilings. And that’s what sports attire wearing people are clamoring about as they proudly shot ‘Go Ceiling Go!’ Here’s everything you need to look like a Ceiling Fan.

About A Ceiling Fan

The first known account of ceiling fans were taken from India back in 500 BC. But modern rotary ceiling fans that we know of started during the late 1800s and was steam-powered instead of electric.

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