One Night Stand Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make One Night Stand Costume

One Night Stand Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Cardboard Moving Box Use a huge cardboard box to create a wearable nightstand.
2 Lamp Shade Glue on an actual lampshade to create a 3D look.
3 Acrylic Paint Set Use different acrylic paint to draw on the drawer details of your DIY stand.
4 Picture Frame Glue on a picture frame for an authentic look.
5 Medicine Pill Bottle Prop A pill bottle seems like you’ll see on a nightstand.
6 Wine Bottle Prop Make it seem like you had a fun night with a wine bottle on your stand.
7 Condom Make it seem like you had a more fun night with a box of condoms.
8 Lace Bra Add a raunchier look to your costume with a lace bra hanging from your lamp shade.

The One Night Stand costume is a creative and witty costume that can double as a conversation starter. Partly scandalous and wholly humorous, this costume is both a play in words, combining a literal ‘nightstand’ with the more risqué ‘one night stand.

For those who do not know, a One Night Stand (in today’s terms) means to have a brief sexual encounter with a stranger. For the costume, you will need a cardboard box, a lampshade, and several small items like beer cans, pill bottle, a condom box, and whatever else typically associated with a one night encounter.

About One Night Stand

The term “one-night stand” was known to be first used in 1880 pertaining to a single performance given by traveling groups of actors in each place they go to. As for one-night stand as a sexual encounter, studies show that there is a ‘hookup gene’, DRD4 gene, that can play a part to determine if one will likely be agreeable to participate in a one-night stand.

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