Gus Griswald (Recess) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

Gustav Patton Griswald, or just ‘Gus’ to his friends in Third Street School, is a stickler for protocol but is a bit dweeby. The youngest of the Recess gang, Gus is a little naïve. He is also very power hungry which might be the result of growing up with a general for a father. Gus’s school outfit is reminiscent of a military uniform consisting of mostly greens and browns.

He may look tough but Gus actually has a soft heart. Here’s everything you need to look like Gus Griswald.

How to make Gus Griswald Costume

Gus Griswald Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Army Green Collared Short-Sleeved Shirt Gus has on a crisp army green shirt with its sleeves rolled up, and he tucks it in neatly inside his pants to look presentable and disciplined.
2 Khaki Chinos Sticking with his military theme, Gus wears smart-looking khaki pants to partner with his crisp top. Gus’s pants end just below his calf, so you could roll up your pants to mimic this.
3 Brown Belt To tie everything together and keep his outfit looking neat, Gus wears a plain brown belt around his waist.
4 White Crew Socks Keeping in line with the utilitarian look of his outfit, Gus has on a pair of plain white crew socks.
5 Brown Leather Oxfords Unlike his friends who prefer wearing sneakers, Gus goes the extra mile and dons on a pair of brown leather oxfords.
6 Blue-Framed Square Glasses Gus’s eyes are designed differently from the gang, and that is framed perfectly by his blue, square glasses.
7 Calculator Watch Gus’s whole outfit is very functional and to the point, so his accessory is like that, as well. A calculator watch helps Gus tell the time and make calculations.
8 Red Dodgeball Although not interested in sports, Gus has a secret reputation for being the best dodgeball player ever. As a tribute to his ‘El Diablo’ alias, bring a red dodgeball (or two, as this was his signature move!) as your prop.

About Gus Griswald

Gus Griswald is voiced by the talented Courtland Mead. Courtland was also the voice behind Lloyd Nebulon from another Disney kids’ series, Lloyd in Space. He is also well-known for his role as the adorable Uh-Huh in the classic film, Little Rascals.

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