Mikey Blumberg (Recess) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

Michael Blumberg, or simply Mikey to his friends, is the chubby, tall softie in the Recess gang. He is kind-hearted and very talented in performing arts. Mikey is known for his habit of spouting poem verses out of the blue, and for being a really good singer. Mikey wears a very simple outfit consisting of a white t-shirt, brown pants, and blue sneakers.

Mikey is a simple guy and his attire perfectly reflects that. Here is everything you need to look like Mikey Blumberg.

How to make Mikey Blumberg Costume

Mikey Blumberg Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dirty White T-Shirt Mikey doesn’t see the need to wear lots of layers and opts for something simpler. That is why he prefers to wear a dirty white t-shirt to school. It might’ve been a bit whiter before but the successive usage of the shirt might have contributed to its present color.
2 Brown Pants Plain brown pants pair perfectly with Mikey’s dirty white top. It balances the tone of his top to make it look a bit less frumpy
3 Blue Sneakers Sneakers were all the craze back in the ‘90s! Even though Mikey prefers to look basic, he made an exception to this classic blue sneakers. Good choice too, as it brings a little bit of color to his outfit.
4 Microphone with Stand Although he wasn’t confident at first, Mikey is an exceptional singer, and he made everyone proud when he sang during Spring Fling. You can show his amazing talent by having a microphone and stand as props.
5 Fake Sandwich If lugging a mic stand seems a bit too much for you, a fake sandwich is also a great prop. Mikey is a big boy and he constantly needs nourishment so he’s often seen eating. Plus, if you’re ever hungry yourself, you can bring with you a real sandwich!
6 Unisex Belly Stuffer If you are not fat then you go with this belly stuffer

For more accurate make up dye your hair with Sandy Blonde Color

About Mikey Blumberg

Mikey Blumberg was voiced by actor and producer, Jason Davis. He has a very similar look to Mikey when he was younger, and is actually nicknamed ‘Gummi Bear.’

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