King Bob (Recess) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

The Ruler of The Playground, King Bob, is not part of the Recess gang and is actually two years older than them. Although impatient most of the time, he has been portrayed to be a very just king. He knows all the playground legislations and settles all the kids’ disputes. His royal attire consists of a hockey jersey, loose jogging pants, a crown-shaped helmet, and a hockey stick as a scepter.

King Bob’s attire may be casual but it is regal, by playground standards. Here’s everything you need to look like King Bob.

How to make King Bob Costume

King Bob Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Plain White Sweater King Bob wears a white sweater as his top. To get the details perfectly, either paint or paste a big number 8 in the middle of the shirt.
2 Gray Jogging Pants He may be a king but King Bob’s attire is semi-athletic, and he prefers to wear a pair of loose and comfy gray jogging pants.
3 Red & Blue-Striped Crew Socks King Bob tucks the ends of his jogging pants inside his red and blue-striped crew socks.
4 White Sneakers with Red & Blue Stripes King Bob really does love the colors white, red, and blue so he channels it as well on his footwear. He prefers the ever so popular pair of sneakers with red and blue stripes.
5 Red-Striped White Wristbands To tie in his semi-athletic theme, King Bob wears a pair of white wristbands with a red stripe detail.
6 Hockey Stick To show he is the ruler, a king must have a scepter. King Bob’s version of this is his trusty hockey stick.
7 Red Cape No king costume is complete without a red cape, and King Bob did not forget this.
8 King Bob’s Crown King Bob’s crown is a unique accessory that can be hard to find. Luckily, it’s now easy to DIY. Just create a base out of cardboard and use CelluClay to make a paper mache. Once dry, paint it in yellow and add a little red B in the middle.
9 Red and Blue Tape For Numbers & Stripes

About King Bob

King Bob was voiced by the veteran ‘90s voice actor, Toran Caudell. Toran, who goes by the name Lane Toran nowadays, also voiced another beloved 90’s character, Arnold from Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold. He also played roles for Rugrats, As Told By Ginger, and Jimmy Neutron.

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