Vince LaSalle (Recess) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Vince Pierre LaSalle is TJ’s right-hand man alongside Spinelli. He might also be TJ’s best friend, although it’s never mentioned in the show. Vince is well-known for being athletic and highly competitive which can be seen by his outfit. He prefers wearing a green basketball jersey, gray shorts, and comfy sneakers.

Vince is all about being free to move and that’s why he keeps his outfit simple. Here’s everything you need to look like Vince LaSalle.

How to make Vince LaSalle Costume

Vince Lasalle Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Gray and White Ringer T-Shirt Simply wearing a basketball jersey to school may not be appropriate so Vince compromises by wearing a simple white ringer tee beneath it.
2 Green Basketball Jersey Vince is a great enthusiast for sports and he showcases this by wearing a green basketball jersey.
3 Gray Cargo Shorts Vince needs to have great movement as he loves playing games, and a pair of gray cargo shorts allows him to move freely
4 Black High-Top Sneakers Vince wears classic black high-top sneakers. They’re highly fashionable during the ‘90s plus they’re great for playing on the playground.
5 Yellow Iron On Number “1” Vince’s basketball jersey has a big, bright yellow number 1 written on it. Use this Iron-on Patch or To recreate that, draw on a sheet of bright yellow paper, cut it out, and paste it on your jersey
6 Yellow Wristbands When playing sports, it’s important to keep safe. Vince’s yellow wristbands protect his wrists from unwanted injuries and make for a great accessory.
7 Basketball How more can you show Vince’s great love for sports than with a basketball? It perfectly pairs with his jersey!

About Vince LaSalle

Vince LaSalle was voiced by the talented Ricky D’Shon Collins. Ricky also lent his voice to Tucker Foley from another hit kids’ show, Danny Phantom.

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