Terry Bernadino's (Reno 911!) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Terry Bernadino’s Costume from Reno 911!

Terry Bernardino Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Tank Top Start Terry’s iconic green look with a tank top that is a size or two smaller than the usual size.
2 Green Shorts Then, wear green gym shorts.
3 Green Bandana Add a green bandana to be worn on the head like a head band.
4 Socks Get long socks with green stripes.
5 Roller Skates Complete his costume with a pair of roller skates.

Terry Bernadino’s costume features a green ill-fitted gym look. He wears a green tank top and a pair of mini shorts. His long white socks feature green stripes, too. To add another green touch, he has a paisley bandana. Complete the look with a pair of roller skates.

About Terry Bernadino

Terry Bernadino is a character from the television series Reno 911!. He is introduced as a sex worker and he had many encounters with the police department. When incarcerated, he can be seen as a trustee inside. Terry is always wearing a pair of skates.