Mr. Meeseeks (Rick and Morty) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Mr. Meeseeks is the collective name of the creatures summoned using the Meeseeks Box. They’re sole reason for living is to fulfill the role tasked upon them. They will do whatever they need to do to get it done and begone. Meeseeks usually live only for a couple of hours and more than a day is already an eternity for them.

Mr. Meeseeks is an alien creature that is blue all over and doesn’t have any defining characteristics (gender-wise). They’re really simple and plain to look at. Here’s everything you need to look like Mr. Meeseeks.

How to Dress Like Mr. Meeseeks - DIY Costume

Mr Meeseeks Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Blue Sweater Wear a light blue sweater since Meeseeks are light blue in color.
2 Light Blue Pants Pair your sweater with pants of a similar light blue shade.
3 Light Blue Sneakers Meeseeks don’t actually wear shoes but this light blue sneakers look perfect for your outfit.
4 Mr. MeeSeeks Beanie Wear this Mr. Meeseeks beanie to look like you have a head similar to theirs.
5 Mr. Meeseeks Sleep Set If you want to get everything all in one place, buy this awesome sleep set.

About Mr. Meeseeks

Mr. Meeseeks was voiced by Justin Roiland.

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