Risky Business (Joel Goodsen) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Risky Business (Joel Goodsen) Costume

Risky Business Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Oversized White Dress Shirt What says ‘home alone’ than a huge oversized white dress shirt?
2 Knee-High White Crew Socks Turn up the heat with a pair of white knee-high crew socks.
3 White Sneakers Okay, so you’re not really at home. You’ll need shoes. Put on white sneakers to go along with your outfit!
4 White Yoga Shorts Instead of staying true to the costume & wearing actual white briefs to a party, settle for a very short pair of white shorts.
5 Black Sunglasses Don’t forget to party it up with black sunglasses.
6 Gold Trophy Bring along a trophy and use it as your microphone.

Risky Business is a movie about a senior named Joel Goodsen who decided to hire a prostitute and bad luck ensues. This forces him to turn his parents’ house into a one-night only brothel to pay for his expenses. Tsk, tsk. Burglary and pimping aside, everybody loves the part where Joel dances around his house wearing nothing but his dress shirt and underwear. That we can relate to. The feeling of newfound freedom!

The good thing about this outfit is that boys or girls can wear it and rock it out just the same! All you need is a huge white long-sleeved dress shirt, a very short pair of white shorts, long white crew socks, white sneakers, and black glasses. Easy-peasy! Here’s everything you need to look like Joel Goodsen from Risky Business.

About Risky Business

Risky Business’ main character, Joel Goodsen, was portrayed by popular actor Tom Cruise. Cruise is most known for his action movies like the Mission Impossible series and Top Gun.

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