Macgruber (Saturday Night Live) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Macgruber Costume

Macgruber Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Plaid Button-Down Shirt Keep it simple with a blue, plaid button-down shirt.
2 Beige Fishing Vest Macgruber prefers wearing his beige vest.
3 Regular-Fit Denim Pants Keep yourself comfortable with a pair of regular-fit denim pants.
4 Brown Leather Belt Secure your pants with a brown leather belt.
5 Brown Sneakers Don’t forget to wear comfy brown sneakers.
6 Brown Aviators Macgruber looks cool with his brown Aviators.
7 Blonde Wig If you don’t have dirty blonde hair like Macgruber, wear a wig.
8 Cardboard Use cardboard to create a Macgruber-like bomb.

You’ve probably heard of the genius, bomb-diffusing Macgyver; but do you know his silly counterpart Macgruber? Macgruber is a Special Ops agent tasked to diffuse different bombs in his sketch in Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately for him and his companions, rarely does he prevent detonation because of his emotional outbursts.

Macgruber’s attire looks comical but is a near match to Macgyver’s 1985 outfit. He wears a blue plaid button-down shirt, beige fishing vest, and denim pants. He also sports dirty blonde hair and an awesome pair of brown Aviators. Here’s everything you need to look like Macgruber.

About Macgruber

Macgruber was portrayed by Will Forte.

MacGruber is a film based from the Saturday Night Love skecth segment of the same name. Both the SNL sketch and film were based from the series MacGyver. MacGruber stars Will Forte and Kristen Wiig.

Film follows MacGruber and his venture in the Pentagon to pursue a syndicate Cunth who killed his then fiance. He sets his sails for a mission to bring down Cunth and ended up doing so. MacGruber then marries Vicki, his new beau, but finds a vengeful disfigured Cunth but MacGruber saves the day.

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