Count von Count (Sesame Street) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make the Count von Count Costume

Count Von Count Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Three-Piece Suit A black three-piece suit looks very fitting for a count. Instead of a necktie, Count Von Count prefers a white bowtie so better wear one.
2 Black Oxfords Rarely do we see Count’s feet since he’s a puppet but he’s often portrayed as wearing fancy black Oxfords.
3 Green Cape Count loves to wear his bright green cape. To get his cape just right, sew or glue on a funky, colorful pattern inside.
4 Silver Monocle Count uses a silver monocle over his left eye to see things better.
5 Red and Yellow Sash Glue the yellow ribbon over the red one to recreate Count’s own sash.
6 Fake Fangs A distant cousin of Count Dracula, Count Von Count also has a set of fangs.
7 Purple Body Paint Count’s skincolor is a bit unique so make sure to paint your body purple.
8 Plushie A cute addition to your Count costume.
9 Babies Full Costume Set You can turn your baby into the Count with this costume set.

If you search him up, there’s not actual mention that Count Von Count is a vampire but we all know that he is. Unlike his bloodsucking and creepy relatives though, Count is more concerned with numbers. He loves counting stuff, whatever and wherever they may be. He’s also friendly enough to share his knowledge with everyone else.

Count von Count’s clothes are very reminiscent of a vampire’s with his dashing 3-piece suit and billowing collared cape. Here’s everything you need to look like Count Von Count.

About Count Von Count

Count Von Count was played by master puppeteer Jerry Nelson from 1972 to 2012.

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