Molly Hooper (Sherlock) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Molly Hooper Overall Outfit

Molly’s signature outfit consists of a lab coat on top of a cherry patterned cardigan and a short-sleeve blouse with bateau neckline and flower printing. She also wears straight, tampered, khaki pants and brown, lace-up, leather shoes.

How to make Molly Hooper Costume

Molly Hooper Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Lab coat Since she works at a lab, it’s only logical that she spends most of her day wearing a white lab coat. Luckily, these are really easy to find, but let us save you the hassle and just click on the link to your left to find a lab coat for your costume
2 White cardigan with cherry pattern Underneath that scientific layer lies a cute white cardigan with a cherry pattern. Alternatively, you may use a blouse with same decorative pattern, like many cosplayers tend to do
3 Short-sleeve blouse with boat neckline and floral pattern In case you got your cardigan, try to get your hands on a short-sleeve blouse with a boat neckline and flowers pattern. This detail is often neglected my most cosplayers. You can the extra mile and include it in your costume.
4 khaki pants This girl likes to keep it nice and simple, and so she makes do with this straight, tampered khaki pants. For your costume you may also use khaki jogger pants.
5 Brown, lace-up, leather shoes Since Molly works at a lab, she spends most of her time surrounded by sharp tools and chemicals, therefore she doesn’t wear open toed-shoes. Instead, she wears brown, ankle-high, leather boots.
6 Black and white stripes bag A hobo bag with vertical black and white stripes would be ideal, but in lack of one of those, a tote bag with the same pattern will do too.


Molly is the academic-looking type. Hair must be out of her line of sight and away from chemicals and corpses, so it’s fairly normal to see her wearing a side ponytail that starts with a twist in the front of her head. Sometimes she wears it in a side bun and some other times in a regular bun. Fortunately, Youtuber Mademoiselle Ruta has comprenhensive tutorial on how to groom your hair the way Molly does it.

About Molly Hooper

Unlike the other characters in the show, Molly Hooper is not based off the characters from Doyle’s classics. In fact, she was just supposed to introduce Sherlock Holmes to the audience in the first episode, at St. Baker’s Morgue, but Louise Brealey did such a great job playing fan-girl Molly Hooper that she became a recurrent character in the series and even got to date Sherlock’s archenemy, Jim Moriarty.


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