Irene Adler (Sherlock) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Irene Adler’s Overall Outfit

There aren’t that many options to choose from, but worry not because it doesn’t matter which of the following two you choose, you’re bound to cause and impression and it takes no deduction skills to see why.

The white dress she wears at the moment she’s first introduced to us is the most iconic one and a fan-favorite amongst cosplayers. It consists of a white sheath dress with a straight-across neckline and a bolero top.

Her second most iconic outfit comes in the shape of a black, one-shoulder-off, asymmetrical neckline, sheath dress. Now let’s take a look at how to put this costume together.

How to make Irene Adler Costume

Irene Adler Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White, sheath dress A white sheath dress with a straight-across neckline is preferred, but any strapless, white dress down to your knees will work too. Otherwise, you may repurpose that white sweetheart or semi-sweetheart neckline dress in your closet for this costume and it’ll work wonders
2 White, short-sleeve, bolero top A white bolero top with short sleeves. The more formal the better. Avoid cotton or casual bolero tops as this is supposed to be a very formal outfit
3 Black stiletto heels For costume accuracy we recommend black stiletto heels with red soles. With the exception of platforms and open-toed shoes, any pair of black heels will do the job.
4 Rectangular wrist watch with black bands Anyone as busy as Irene Adler must be organized and keep track of the time. Why not doing it in style? Complete yout costume with wrist watch and you’ll get bonus points for attention to details
5 Black sheath dress with asymmetrical neckline This one is a bit of a challenge. It’s a little known fact that most of the wardrobe for the series was practically custom-made for the characters. Some of the clothing was bought and discontinued. Such is the case of this black dress. It was taken off the shelves and replaced with a less-flattering version. For starters, you’ll want to get a black sheath dress like the one shown in the link
6 Black chiffon scarf (for decorative flair on the side) Now, if you look closely at Adler’s black dress, you’ll see a decorative ribbon that goes from the cap-sleeve all the way across to the opposite shoulder, thus giving the dress a straight-across neckline. That same ribbon takes the shape of a wide strap and trails down side in some sort of ruffle. Don’t let it intimidate and try to make this decorative detail with the suggested chiffon scarf for a more accurate costume.
7 Leather riding crop Remember, Irene Adler is a dominatrix now and so one of her tool is the leather riding crop we see her use every now and then. Don’t forget to add it to your outfit!
8 Black Leather Handbag Irene likes to carry a black leather Handbag probably from an expensive brand but you can get similar knockoff at lower price.

Irene Adler Makeup Cosmetics

Keep in mind a key element of Irene Adler is her make-up. After all she does have to look the part when dealing with important clients. Luckily, she keeps her make-up nice and simple, which makes the task of recreating her style a whole lot easier. If you want add some color to your attire, take a look at it in the list below.

  1. Classic-brick matt finish lipstick
  2. Black mascara
  3. Aquamarine eyeliner
  4. Red-nail polish

Irene Adler Hairstyle Tutorial

You can tell just by looking at some of the characters how their outfits are so heavily influenced by the Victorian era. In the case of Irene Adler, her hair is most notably a minimalist reminiscence of the mid-1800 hairstyles, namely, the Gibson Girl hairstyle. Youtuber ladollyvita333 brings you a tutorial on how to make Irene Adler’s hair-do.

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About Irene Adler

Irene Adler, once an actress and alto singer turned world-class burglar is now a dominatrix. That’s quite a spin since her first appearance in the 1891 classic A Scandal in Bohemia. We already know about her frisky side, but fans go bunkers with her more-elegant side. BBC’s Sherlock brings her back in style with the brilliant performance of Lara Pulver.

Recent adaptations entertain the idea of a failed love affair between Adler and Sherlock as a plot device to make the detective’s adventures more interesting and complicated, especially since she’s the only person that has ever beat him at his own game. It doesn’t come as a surprise that he keeps a picture of her as a trophy and remembers her fondly as The Woman.