Abby Sciuto (NCIS) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Abby Sciuto Costume

Abby Sciuto Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Short-Sleeve Top Abby prefers her top black and simple.
2 Black Pleated Mini Skirt Like a true goth girl, Abby prefers a short black mini skirt.
3 Black Thigh-High Socks Abby keeps her legs warm in a pair of black thigh-high socks.
4 Black Knee-High Boots Look ultra-edgy with a pair of black knee-high, lace-up boots.
5 White Lab Coat Protect your gothic outfit when in the lab with this white coat.
6 Studded Choker & Bracelets Accessorize with a studded choker and bracelet set.
7 Spiderweb Tattoo Get Abby’s iconic tattoo with this temporary spiderweb tattoo.
8 Black Wig in Pigtails Get Abby’s signature look with this black wig in pigtails.
9 Full Costume Full costume if you are not in mood of DIYing

When you think about scientists and police officers, most would imagine straight-collared attire and no-nonsense attitude from these people. Well, that’s not Abby. Yes, Abi is as brilliant and hardworking as her colleagues but she does her job with an unfailing cheerfulness around her.

Her bright and bubbly personality (and her serious career) is the direct opposite of her personal style. You see, Abby is a goth in the truest sense. She loves black, wears dark lipstick and eyeliner, and is unapologetically brave when showing her fashion choices while at work.

Abby Scuito Makeup Tutorial

About Abby Sciuto

Abby Sciuto was portrayed by Pauley Perrette. Perrette’s most notable role is in NCIS but she is also known for her roles in Almost Famous, Superman vs. The Elite, Terminator: Termination, and The Ring.

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