Nana Noodleman Costume from Sing for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Nana Noodleman’s Costume from Sing

Nana Noodleman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Dress Keep the look elegant with this dress.
2 Shawl Wrap you arms with this sheer shawl.
3 Fan Add another elegant touch with this fan.
4 Tassel Wear this tassel as a necklace.
5 Collar Have a dark collar to give some edge to the look.
6 Earrings Have a pair of golden earrings.
7 Bangles Then match the earrings with a golden bangle.
8 Wig Next, wear an afro wig.
9 Headband Style the outfit with a purple headband, too.
10 Feather You can also stick a feather on the middle part of the headband.

Nana Noodleman’s elegant attire can be easy to pull off. Simply wear a long purple dress and add a layer of purple shawl, an afro wig, and a headband. Be sure to add a black collar to the look. Finally, wear a headband on the wig and stick some feathers on it.

About Nana Noodleman

Nana Noodleman is a character from the animated film Sing. She is a Suffolk sheep who was introduced as a supporting character in the film. Nana is a retired actress and is considered the grand old dame of the theater.