Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Sam Fisher’s Costume from Splinter Cell

Sam Fisher Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Camo Shirt Keep it military-inspired right off the bat with this shirt.
2 Tactical Vest Then top it off with this vest.
3 Arm Guard Add these arm guards to add an edgy touch.
4 Cargo Pants For the pants, get this pair or cop your choice cargo pants.
5 Shin Guards Add this pair of shin or knee guards as you please.
6 Combat Boots Lace up on these boots, too.
7 Toy Knife Carry this toy knife as prop.
8 Toy Rifle For your next toy, you can carry this small rifle.
9 Ubisoft Goggles Catch this multivision goggles when they come back with stocks.
10 Regular Goggles Meanwhile, you can opt for this pair of goggles instead.

Sam Fisher’s costume will be great for people who are looking for a great take on army or combat-inspired outfits. Start it off with a long-sleeved shirt and cargo pants. Then style it with a vest, arm guard, and shin guards, too. The wear combat boots to add edge with the toy knife and gun. Complete the costume with night-vision goggles.

About Sam Fisher

Sam Fisher is a character from the stealth shooting game Splinter Cell. His name is Samuel Leo Fisher, aka the main protagonist of the game. The player plays his character. The game is also related to Tom Clancy’s series of novels, comics, and books. Sam attended military school after his parents died and was later admitted into the US Naval academy. He was then commissioned as ensign to the Navy.