Starkiller Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Galen Marek, The Starkiller, was Darth Vader’s secret apprentice. He was a very talented and highly-force sensitive individual having been born to two Jedi Knights. During the Great Jedi Purge, Darth Vader discovers the existence of Galen and decides to raise him on the Dark Side.

The Starkiller wears clothes that make it easy for him to move. He only wears a grey shirt, black pants, black boots, and a tactical vest. But what makes him extra formidable is the two lightsabers held in each of his hands. Here’s everything you need to look like the Starkiller.

How to Make Starkiller Costume

Starkiller Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Grey Shirt Keep it simple with a grey shirt.
2 Black Pants Match your top with equally simple black pants.
3 Black Tactical Boots A sturdy pair of black boots will help you move around better.
4 Tactical Vest Keep your essentials handy with a tactical vest.
5 Tactical Belt Pack Other essentials can be stored in your tactical belt pack.
6 White Bandage Protect your arms from your lightsaber with white bandages.
7 Black Tactical Gloves Protect your hands with a pair of black tactical gloves.
8 Blue Lightsaber Don’t forget to arm yourself with two lightsabers.
9 Helmet expensive but worth it helmet
10 Chest armor optional

About Starkiller

Starkiller (also known as Galen Marek) was voiced by Sam Witwer.

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