Darth Malak Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Darth Malak Costume

Darth Malak Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Body Paint Darth Malak’s head and face are uncovered and you can easily notice his pale skin color. To get this, find some white body paint.
2 One-Piece Burgundy Bodysuit This character wears a common piece of tight clothes that for complete body. Find some dancing bodysuit, it will work just fine. Don’t forget to be burgundy color.
3 Black Superhero Cape The look of this character can easily fool you. Although a bad guy, he looks more like some superhero. One of its recognizable pieces is a black cape. This should be easy to find.
4 Belt With Skirt Pieces Darth Malak wears a belt that might look pretty common if you cosplayed Star Wars characters before. In addition, there are three pieces of fabric, in order to provide some kind of a skirt effect. Even some kind of WWE belt could use, but don’t forget to add these pieces of fabric.
5 Black Boots This is easy. Almost any kind of classic black leather boots would be a good solution.
6 Red Lightsaber Another common piece among Start Wars antagonists. A red lightsaber is an integral piece of this costume.

Darth Malak is another character that went to the dark side of the Force. Although trained by the Jedi Order, he eventually became a Sith Lord. He is known for his unique outfit, which is unusual for Star Wars characters. He looks more like some Marvel superhero than a Sith Lord.

In some way, cosplaying Darth Malak could be tricky. The biggest challenge would be his unique neck piece, which is hard to find, so you would probably have to make it by yourself. It is a pretty rugged piece, in some kind of a dull grey color. Rest of the costume should be easy to find.

His muscular body is covered by a classic dancing-like bodysuit, this time in burgundy color. Rest of pieces you should get are things like a black cloak, boots, belt with skirt pieces etc. All these shouldn’t be hard to find. Finally, include lightsaber in this costume as well.

Darth Malak Jaw

Unfortunately, Darth Malak Jaw is pretty rare to find online. You;ll have to get it custom made. Otherwise you can improvise with silver paint, face wrap, face mask & a neck brace.

About Darth Malak

One of the most interesting details about Darth Malak is his metal prosthesis. If you wonder why he wears it, it is because a huge part of his jaw is missing. Once a companion with Darth Revan, he took over his place as a Sith leader. During their battle, Darth Revan removed Malak’s jaw with a strike of a lightsaber. Still, he managed to win the throne and rule the Empire pretty much unchallenged.

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