Darth Revan Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Darth Revan costume

Darth Revan Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Complete Costume Kit Darth Revan is characterized by very interesting outfit that combines old Medieval with futuristic elements. That medieval part of the costume refers to its clothes. He wears an outfit that is mostly made of cloth, but also includes several pieces of leather such as body armor,gauntlet bracelets etc. Finding all these pieces could be difficult. Fortunately, there is a complete kit, which actually features a pretty high quality.
2 Mask Helmet Speaking of the futuristic piece of the costume, there is a Darth Revan’s recognizable mask/helmet, which completely covers his face and keeps him pretty mythical.
3 Black Leather Boots Unlike the costume kit which includes several unique pieces, Darth Revan’s boots look pretty common. Many characters from the Star Wars Franchise wear similar boots. So, finding the right ones shouldn’t be complicated. Any kind of black leather knee-high boots would be nice.
4 Red Lightsaber Red lightsaber is a common weapon among antagonists of the franchise and this character is no exception. Moreover, he has a pair of them.
5 Black Gloves Every sith lord wears black gloves.

Cosplaying Darth Revan - Be As Mythical As This Famous Villain Costume

Although mostly known as Sith Lord, Darth Revan once was a Jedi. He is a human born somewhere in the Outer Rim. Found by the Jedi Order in the early age, he became an apprentice of the Jedi Master Kreia. He was very gifted in so many ways and instantly became one of the most promising Jedi pupils.

Eventually, he became a Jedi Knight, later known as one of the greatest heroes of the Mandalorian Wars. After the war, he started a quest for the hidden Sith Empire. Once he found it, he had his mind warped. Since then, he is one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the Galaxy.

Darth Revan’s costume would be pretty telling. This character combines medieval pieces of clothes like a cloak, leather armor, leather gloves and gauntlet bracelets. On the other side, his mask or helmet looks pretty futuristic. Since he is a Sith Lord, a red lightsaber is an integral piece of the costume. Moreover, he has two of them.

About Darth Revan

One of the most interesting details about Darth Revan is definitely his mask. This mask originally belonged to a woman that fought in the Mandalorian Wars. Ten years after her death, Raven found it and claimed the mask as his own. He used this mask mainly for psychological effect, to hide from the people that he is only a human, with all the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that implied. With the mask, he was a real hero, an inspiration for many people that fought on the same side.

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