Baby Pubert Addams Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

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Like any other family, the Addams Family also reproduced. In fact, their more well-known children are Wednesday and Pugsley. But they also have a third child, a baby named Pubert. Pubert looks a lot like Gomez and even has a mini-moustache to show it. Pubert acts weirdly like the rest of his family. In fact, there was a time when his hair turned curly blonde and he loved everything happy which made Morticia worry because her son was obviously sick.

Pubert is mostly shown to have facial features like Gomez but the deathly pallor of Morticia. He also wears a long-sleeved gray onesie with a spider design on it. Here’s everything you need to look like Pubert Addams.

How to Dress Like Baby Pubert Addams Costume Guide

Pubert Addams Cosplay & Costume Guide
# Item Description
1 Gray Long-Sleeved Onesie Pubert’s iconic look is a gray long-sleeved onesie.
2 Stick-On Fake Moustache Pubert has a tiny moustache even if he’s just a baby so make sure to get fake ones.
3 Black Felt Paper Use the black felt paper to create the spider design on Pubert’s onesie.
4 Light Gray Non-Toxic Face Paint Color your face with this paint to get the deathly pale look of Pubert.
5 Black Spider Plushie A black spider plushie is something Pubert will love to play with.

About Pubert Addams

Pubert Addams was portrayed by baby twin girls in the 1993 film adaptation of the Addams Family. He was played by both Kristen and Kaitlyn Hooper.

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