The Deep costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make The Deep’s Costume

He’s the king of seven seas, and his clothes reflect just that. The Deep wears a green scale sleeveless shirt, green scale pants, black leather gloves, black leather boots. You can carry a dolphin stuff as a prop (if you have seen the show, you would get the reference).

Looks fun for your costume party? Grab all the items down below to make this happens.

The Deep Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dark Green Compression Sleeveless Top Get a plain green training/gym shirt with no sleeves.
2 Dark Green Compression Tight Pants Pair up the top with a pair of green compression tights. Must be the same/similar color.
3 Black Gloves Wear a pair of black gloves.
4 Black Arm Guards Put black arm guards on both of your arms.
5 Gold Utility Belt Fasten a golden utility belt around your mid body.
6 Long Dark Boots Match the outfit with a pair of long dark boots.
7 Dolphin Stuffed Animal Carry a big dolphin stuffed animal as a prop.

About The Deep

The Deep, aka Lord of the Seven Seas, is one of the Sevens, the (in)famous superheroes group from the Amazon Prime’s dark hero TV series The Boys. The show follows a group of ordinary men stand up against the group of famous superheroes whose public personas are all glorious and sunshine, but there are grim truth and cruel behavior behind the curtain.

The Deep, who was created after DC’s Aquaman, is a laughing stock out of all the Sevens, hence he’s the least respectable one, because everybody just looks at him as a handsome eye candy with no useful ability. His power set include breathing under water and communicating with sea creatures.