Rayla Costume from The Dragon Prince for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Rayla’s Costume from The Dragon Prince

Rayla Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Teal Shirt Start the outfit with a teal shirt.
2 Vest Add layers to the costume beginning with this vest with its buttons undone.
3 Harness Get a harness to add dimension to the look.
4 Fingerless Gloves Then, wear a pair for teal fingerless gloves to match the main shirt.
5 Tights Keep the teal theme going with a pair of yoga pants.
6 Brown Belt Get a brown belt to style the tights with.
7 Boots Add a chic touch by wearing a pair of blue boots.
8 Bracelet Rock a woven detail to the look with these bracelets.
9 Horn Get mini horns as headband to complete the costume.
10 Wig Nail the look with a platinum wig.
11 Make-up Use blue make-up to draw Rayla’s face marks.

Rayla’s DIY look can be recreated by wearing a teal shirt with tights and blue boots. Then style the look with a bolero vest, a harness, a belt, and a pair of fingerless gloves. Complete the costume by wearing a platinum or white wig and by drawing her face markings with blue make-up.

About Rayla

Rayla is a character from the The Dragon Prince. She is introduced as a Moonshadow Elf who is the daughter of Tiadrin and Lain. Rayla is also called “The Last Dragon Guard” as she followed the mission of protecting the Dragon Prince. She is described as kind and loyal. Her skills include Moon Primal Connection, Moon Magic, speed, agility, and strength, and more.

Rayla is an elven assassin from the Moonshadow elf clan. She is passionate, determined, and fiercely loyal to her mission. Initially tasked with assassinating the human princes Callum and Ezran, Rayla eventually decides to join forces with them to prevent a war between humans and elves.

As a Moonshadow elf, Rayla possesses unique abilities related to her connection with the moon. She can blend into shadows, becoming virtually invisible in dim light, and is an exceptional swordsman. Her acrobatic skills also make her an agile combatant, enabling her to navigate challenging environments with ease.

Throughout the series, Rayla undergoes significant character growth. She learns about empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and questions the prejudices she once held against humans. With her honorable nature and determination to do what’s right, she becomes an integral part of the team working towards peace.

In addition to her physical prowess, Rayla is known for her wit, sarcasm, and sharp tongue. She often provides lighthearted moments amidst tense situations within the show’s storyline. Her banter with other characters adds humor and levity to the overall narrative.

Rayla forms close bonds with Callum and Ezran over time and becomes an essential member of their group as they embark on a quest to return a stolen dragon egg to Xadia. Alongside them, she faces numerous challenges that test not only her physical abilities but also her loyalty towards both friends and principles.

Her character design reflects Moonshadow elven traits typically associated with gracefulness and ethereal beauty. With distinctive silver hair adorned with blue highlights and matching blue eyes, Rayla is visually striking.

Throughout “The Dragon Prince,” Rayla’s journey explores themes of redemption, inner strength, and the power of friendship. She evolves from a lone wolf assassin to a compassionate ally who fights for a better world. Rayla’s character arc and growth make her an engaging and beloved character among fans of the show.