Kronk Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2020

If there’s one antagonist who you’ll definitely love because of how adorable he is, it’s probably Kronk. He’s not really evil. In fact, this evil doer’s assistant has a big, good heart and is naturally friendly as well. It’s just that he’s very loyal to Yzma (who’s the real evil in the story).

Kronk rarely changes his outfit during the first film. He wears a light blue sleeveless top with yellow details, a dark purple skirt, and a light purple sash around his waist. He also has yellow arm and leg bands as well as a distinct yellow cap. Here’s everything you need to look like Kronk.

How to Make Kronk Costume

Kronk Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Inspired Tee Use this muscle tee as your top for the Kronk costume.
2 Purple Shorts Wear purple shorts to make you more comfortable.
3 Purple A-Line Skirt Wear a purple A-line skirt atop your shorts.
4 Lavender Fabric Use this lavender fabric to make Kronk’s belt.
5 Yellow Fabric Use this yellow fabric to make Kronk’s arm and leg bands as well as his headpiece.
6 Black Sandals Don’t forget to wear you black sandals.
7 Long Black Wig Kronk has long, black hair so wear a wig if you need to.
8 Costume Set Don’t want to DIY? Get this costume set instead.

About Kronk

Kronk was voiced by actor Patrick Warburton.

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