Andy (The Goonies) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Andy Costume

Andy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Collared Shirt Start off your Andy outfit with a no-nonsense yellow collared shirt.
2 Knitted Sweater Keep warm by layering with a white knitted sweater.
3 White Mini Skirt Look like the ultimate girly girl in a white mini skirt.
4 Yellow Cardigan Look like a retro cheerleader in a yellow cardigan.
5 White Crew Socks Keep your feet warm in a pair of white socks.
6 White Sneakers Match your skirt with a pristine pair of white shoes.
7 Long, Curly Ginger Wig Look a lot like Andy with a long, curly ginger wig.
8 A Patch Add the letter A on your jacket.

Andy is your typical pretty cheerleader who most of the boys like. But she’s a nice girl and is definitely not a queen bitch. However reluctant her inclusion to the Goonies’ adventures were, she does prove her worth at times during their quest.

Andy likes to keep it simple and classy. She wears a yellow collared shirt, a white mini skirt, white shoes and socks, and a yellow letterman cardigan.

About Andy

Andy was portrayed by Kerri Green. Green is also known for her roles in Lucas, Summer Rental, Mad About You, and The Burden of Proof.

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