Cuban Pete (The Mask) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Cuban Pete (The Mask) Costume

Cuban Pete Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Satin Long Sleeved Shirt Get this casual blue satin long sleeved shirt and start assembling your Flamenco shirt.
2 Blue Satin Fabric Use this blue satin fabric to attach frills and ruffles to your shirt.
3 Red Satin Fabric Put linings to your blue frills and ruffles using this red satin fabric.
4 White Pants Pair your now flamboyant shirt with this immaculate white pants.
5 Black Ballroom Shoes Be sure to slip on this set of black ballroom shoes as you rhumba around town.
6 Black Flat Top Hat Further adorn your outfit with this black flat top hat.
7 Red Scarf Tie Add a highlight piece to your costume by fixing your scarf into a long red tie.
8 The Mask Be unmistakably you by wearing this specially made The Mask mask.
9 Maracas These Maracas will help you chicky-boom-chick.

Cuban Pete is the rhumba-king character that Jim Carrey turned into in the 1994 superhero comedy movie, The Mask. He is supposedly the craze of his native street, the hottest guy in Havana, yet a modest guy who is ready to teach the senoritas to chicky-boom-chick. Using the Mask’s magic, Cuban Pete was able to coerce the entire police force that were pursuing him to join him in a song and dance number, allowing him to eventually escape.

Cuban Pete is a very colorful character. He wears a blue flamenco shirt, a red tie, white pants, black leather shoes, and a black hat.

About Cuban Pete

“Cuban Pete” is actually a 1946 song by Joseph Norman and later on more popularized by actor Desi Arnaz in the film Cuban Pete.

Jim Carrey in reality did the actual singing of Cuban Pete in the movie The Mask.

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