Imhotep (The Mummy) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Imhotep costume

Imhotep Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Traditional Egyptian Shendyt Many Egyptians preferred this piece of clothes. Imhotep is not an exception
2 Traditional Egyptian Belt this is also a common, traditional piece of clothes for hi-ranked people like Imhotep.
3 Priest’s talisman necklace For all priest around the world, a talisman is an integral part of the Imhotep’s outfit. Find a necklace with some common Egyptian omen.
4 Brown Leather gauntlet bracelets Although rich and powerful, this priest prefers leather over gold, at least when it comes to wristbands. These come in a classic gauntlet design
5 Upper arm rope bracelets Although not so common among priests, arm rope bracelet is another Imhotep’s recognizable piece. Find some piece of rope and make them
6 Old World style sandals These sandals were an integral part of everyone’s outfit. Egyptian, Greek or Roman, it’s not so important.

A high priest in ancient Egypt, Imhotep was also pharaoh’s close advisor. Besides high position and all these titles, he was also in love with women called Anack-Su-Namun, pharaoh’s mistress and bodyguard. Such thing was strictly forbidden at that time, so it’s no wonder that this affair cost Imhotep his life. Moreover, he was also cursed and mummified for such sins. His grave was kept as a secret for thousands of years, but a bunch of adventurers resurrect him by the accident and that when the terror begins.

Thanks to his hi position, Imhotep was pretty wealthy, so flashy clothes is here for a reason. As a high priest, he wears a unique shendyt, which a traditional Egyptian piece of clothes. Also, there is a long cloak and numerous accessories. Count on several bracelets, necklace etc. Interestingly, he doesn’t have a wig, which was a common piece of clothes at that time.

About Imhotep

Imhotep was very well portrayed by South Africa actor Arnold Vosloo. However, this wasn’t the first time to see the ancient Egyptian priest on the screen. Boris Karloff was the first Imhotep, in the legendary movie from 1932.

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