Medjai (The Mummy) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Medjai costume

Medjai Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 tagelmust a turban-like headdress, common to pretty much all Bedouins. This one is black
2 cloak some old black coat/cloak will do the job for sure. Even better if it is riven
3 Black loose trousers combine your coat/cloak with some black loose pant
4 Black scarf find some long black cotton scarf and put on your shoulders
5 Brown belt some vintage brown leather belt is an excellent choice
6 Wristband pretty much every warrior has a pair of them
7 Saber a curved sabre is a primary weapon of Medjai and pretty much all Arabs
8 Guns and rifles these warriors are excellent swordsmen, but also good with fire weapons. So, find some old guns and rifles
9 Ammo belt for killing mummies, you need plenty of ammunition
10 Arabic war colors this is Medjai trademark. Find some black color and write few Arabic letters on your face

The Medjai outfit definitely fits their interesting way of living. They are a secret brotherhood that has a unique uniform which is adapted to the specific conditions in the Sahara desert. With this costume, you will definitely leave a great impression.

These clothes are pretty much usual for Bedouins. Unlike most of the people from the desert who prefer light colors, Medjai wears black color only. There’s a classic Arabian turban which protects them from the sand and heat.

Other pieces include things like a full-size light cloak, black loose trousers, scarfs, wristbands and unique war colors on the face. These warriors good not only with the saber but with fire weapons as well, so you could include all kinds of weapons in this costume.

About Medjai

These are probably the most intriguing people in the whole movie. The origin of this secret brotherhood goes way back to ancient Egypt. The original Medjai were some kind of Pharaoh’s elite warriors and bodyguards.

Although not Egyptians but Nubians, they were some of the ruler’s most trusted people. Their original look and way of living have changed over the centuries. They started to practice Islam became some kind of Tuaregs over these thousands of years.

Despite the new way of living, their main task remained the same. They are still watching over the ancient city of Hamunaptra, keeping trespassers away from it
In the movie, they originally fought against Rick O’Connell and the rest of band. Still, after Evelyn’s resurrection of Imhotep by accident, they became aware that this game can’t be won without help. So, they started to cooperate with adventurers.

Eventually, these joint forces managed to beat Imhotep. One of the characters that played important role in killing the ancient priest was a Medjai called Ardeth Bay. He wears classic Medjai clothes.