Sally (Nightmare before Christmas) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Sally Costume

Sally Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dress, patchwork Sally’s dress is a patchwork concoction that looks like a bunch of fabrics sewn together. It fits her ragged doll look.
2 Tights, blue, stitched Sally’s legs are the same blue as her upper body, and also have stitches all over. These leggings also come with the bottom part looking like the socks Sally wears which is very convenient.
3 Choker, stitched This choker mimics the way Sally has heavy stitches holding her head to her neck in a very unique but creepy way.
4 Paint, body The body paint set can help you achieve Sally’s makeup look, as well as cover your face and body in blue paint, like her.
5 Wig, red, long Sally’s hair is very long, wavy, and deep red.
6 Booties, black, vintage These black vintage style booties are similar to the shoes Sally wears. They are very cute and add a dainty way to the way you walk.
7 Royal Red Lipstick To complete your makeup
8 Full Costume If you don’t have time for DIY
9 Sexy full Costume Optional

Sally can be described as a living rag doll. From her patchwork dress to her long red hair, she is every part the rag doll.

Not to mention the fact that she is covered in stitches from being brought to life with different and mismatched parts. One of the really important parts to Sally’s costume is the makeup because of all the stitches she has, and also because of her very unique face and blue colored skin.

Her patchwork dress suits her very much, because like her, it is made up of several different fabrics and colors.

She also has cute black booties on her feet that make her walk in a very delicate and endearingly wobbly way. Lastly, her red hair is important to finish off the rag doll look.

Sally Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

With the help of your body paint kit, and this makeup tutorial, you can get Sally’s rag doll look for your costume.

About Sally

Sally is an important and very impactful character in the creepy but cool movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sally is basically a rag doll that has been brought to live, but is kept locked inside a tower by her jealous creator, Dr. Finkelstein.

However, when she falls in love with Jack Skellington, she escapes and runs away to be with him. Sally is voiced by Catherine O’Hara.