Princess Tiana (The Princess and the Frog) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Princess Tiana’s Costume from The Princess and the Frog

Turn heads with your cool Princess Tiana costume from the links below:

Princess Tiana Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Gown Start off with this yellow gown.
2 Green Mini Dress Layer this green dress over the yellow gown.
3 Petticoat Wear this petticoat under the gown.
4 Green Heels Slip on a pair of green heels.
5 Green Gloves Keep the green look going with a pair of green gloves.
6 Green Necklace Accessorize with a green necklace.
7 White Crown Complete the royal look with a white crown.
8 Costume Set You may also cop this Tiana-inspired costume.

When Princess Tiana assumes her rightful role as princess, her gown turns to a yellow underlayer with green layer on top. Her gown has asymmetric layers and to recreate the feel, lay a green dress with handkerchief hems on top of a light yellow gown.

Then style the gown with a light green pair of gloves and matching green heels. Cop a green necklace and wears the hair in an updo with a light-colored crown.

About Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana is a the lead character in the The Princess and the Frog. She started out as an inspiring chef who works as a waitress.

Tiana kisses Naveen and turns to a frog where her adventure began. She is now able to talk to other animals. After breaking the mysteries and overcoming challenges, Tiana and Naveen fall in love and got married as frogs. They return to their human form after Tiana assumes her role as princess.