Cowardly Lioness (Wizard of Oz) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Cowardly Lioness’ Costume from Wizard of Oz

The cowardly lioness’ costume is similar to the traditional cowardly lion one. What sets it apart is the feminine cut of the brown dress decorated with brown boa feathers. The costume also has fingerless gloves with the same boa details and leg warmers with cute brown faux fur. To complete the outfit, wear a lion-inspired headband and lion’s tail.

The Cowardly Lioness’ costume can be nailed with these pieces:

Cowardly Lioness Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown Dress Get this brown sleeveless dress.
2 Brown Feather Boa Decorate the neckline and hem of the dress with these feather strips.
3 Fingerless Gloves Wear this pair of gloves, decorate with boa feathers, too.
4 Leg Warmers Nail the look with this pair of furry warmers.
5 Peep Toe Heels Pair the warmers with peep-toed heels.
6 Lion Ears Cop this cute lion ears.
7 Tail Complete the look with a lion’s tail.
8 Full Costume You may also get this Cowardly Lioness Costume set.

About Cowardly Lioness

The Cowardly Lioness is a female version of the the Cowardly Lion. The Cowardly Lion is a character from the popular franchise Wizard of Oz. The character has insecurities of being assuming his “King of Beasts” role as he feels unfit to rule due to being cowardly.

When the Wizard gave him an unknown liquid, he felt courageous and believed that he can be brave only when he drinks it. Throughout the franchise, the Cowardly Lion can be seen performing other brave deeds even while still looking cowardly.