Tin Man (The Wizard of Oz) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Tin Man Costume

Tin Man Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Metallic Silver Shirt Use this metallic silver shirt as the base of your outfit.
2 Metallic Silver Pants Match your shirt with this pair of metallic silver pants.
3 Metallic Silver Shoes Stay in theme with a pair of metallic silver shoes.
4 EVA Foam Use EVA foam to create the Tin Man’s bulky torso.
5 Metallic Silver Acrylic Paint Don’t forget to paint your EVA Foam with metallic silver paint.
6 Metallic Silver Face Paint Paint your whole face metallic silver.
7 Silver Funnel Hat Look like the Tin Man with this silver funnel hat.
8 Silver Axe Don’t forget to bring along your silver axe.
9 Heart Watch Accessorize with the Tin Man’s heart watch.
10 Toddlers Costume Set Make an adorable Tin Man with this toddler’s costume set.
11 Kids Costume Set Transform your kid into the Tin Man with this costume set.
12 Adult Costume Set No need to DIY when you have this costume set.

The Tin Man is one of the creatures Dorothy Gale befriends when she lands in the world of Oz. He was once a wood chopper whose axe cut off his limb one by one. Each time a limb was cut, tin replaced it until the Tin Man was all-tin. What we desired the most was a heart of his own.

It’s easy to look like the Tin Man! All you need is to look silver all over. You will need a metallic silver top, metallic silver pants, metallic silver shoes and gloves, and metallic silver body paint. Here’s everything you need to look like the Tin Man.

About Tin Man

The Tin Man was portrayed by Jack Haley in the 1939 adaptation of the Wizard of Oz.

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