Lady Glitter Sparkles (Trolls) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Lady Glittersparkles’s Costume from Trolls

Show up in color and plaid prints with these pieces for Lady Glittersparkle’s look:

Lady Glitter Sparkles Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Purple Body Paint Apply a thin layer of body paint on arms and face, let dry.
2 Chic Onesie Wear this dress as base.
3 Inflatable Belly Strap this fake belly under the shirt to recreate the character’s rounded figure.
4 Checkered leggings You can also pair the plaid top with this pair of leggings.
5 White Belt Loop in a white belt with gold-toned buckles.
6 Platform Sandals Match the belt with white platform sandals.
7 Multicolored Wig Complete the look with Lady Glittersparkle’s signature colorful locks.
8 Pink Bag Finish the outfit with a big bag.
9 Romper for girls optional

Decide if you wish to recreate Lady Glittersparkles’s light purple skin. If yes, apply a thin layer of similar-hued body paint on the face and arms. Then cop a black and pink plaid shirt. Choose a size larger to accommodate an inflatable belly that will serve as the main shape for Lady Glittersparkle’s rounded belly. Choose checkered bottoms, too. Get a pink bag and slip on platform sandals to complete the outfit. Finally, look for a multicolored wig like Lady Glittersparkles’.

About Lady Glittersparkle

Lady Glittersparkle is a character in the animated film Trolls. She is voiced by Zooey Deschanel. Her actual name is Bridget and is one of the main characters in the film. True to her bright appearance, Bridget is descirbed as sweet and kind.

She has a crush on King Gristle Jr. and such crush made her have a deal with Poppy and the Trolls who promised to make her feel confident about meeting and dating the King. The Trolls gave her a makeover. This is where Bridget assumes the name of Lady Glitterspakles. From their date at a skate place, Bridget flees the scene from fear of being recognized and leaves a skate shoe behind. She reunited with the King at Trollstice where they are confronted by the Trolls who proved that Bergens do not need to eat Trolls to be happy.