Buffy The Vampire Slayer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Buffy Summers Costume

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Tank-top, black Buffy’s outfit begins with a simple and versatile black tank-top that allows her easy mobility and a sexy fit.
2 Leggings, red, leather A very sexy choice of bottoms, Buffy rock these red leather leggings that are not only for looks, but made of tough leather which act as protection as well.
3 Jacket, leather, black Over her black tank, she wears this sleek black leather jacket. Her jacket allows her to hide her weapons discreetly and also a bit of protection from fangs and claws.
4 Necklace, silver, cross One of her only pieces of jewelry, Buffy wears this silver cross necklace mostly for protection, but it does add to her slayer look.
5 Stake, wood, costume One of the most important parts of her outfit, Buffy always needs a stake in her business of vampire killing as that is one of the only ways to kill them.
6 Scythe, stake, costume She also has this really cool scythe that has a stake attached to the end of it for a double-ended effect.
7 Wig, blonde, straight Buffy’s hair is a striking honey blonde to light blonde ombre that you can get to fit your costume with this wig.
8 Boots, black The last piece of Buffy’s outfit is her simple black boots. They are sturdy and string enough to support her slaying.
9 Full Costume Optionally if you want to save the hassle

Buffy’s style is her own, but it is definitely very 90s inspired and tailored to her job of vampire slaying. Her makeup and hair of some of the outstanding parts of her look that really speak of 90s fashion.

The leather that makes up most of her outfit is for protection purposes, as well as for the sexy factor too. The three leather pieces in her outfit are a pair of simple and versatile black leather boots, a sleek black leather jacket, and a pair of sexy red leather leggings.

Some of her accessories include a silver cross necklace, a wooden stake for vampire slaying, and a sharp scythe also for vampire slaying.

Buffy Summers Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Buffy’s makeup is definitely very 90s style with dark eyes and simple lips, which you can easily get by following this makeup tutorial.

About Buffy Summers

Buffy is one of the biggest TV icons of the 90s and early 2000s. She is actually student, but is taken under the wing of vampire who teaches her everything about her fate of vampire slaying.

Buffy is played by another big face of the 90s, Sarah Michelle Gellar.