Selene (Underworld) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Selene (Underworld) Costume

Selene (Underworld) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Bodysuit, leather Selene wears this very sexy and badass style leather bodysuit that kind of acts like armor and makes it easy for her to fight and kill in.
2 Corset, black, leather She wears this very tight black leather corset over the bodysuit for extra protection. It’s a very cool look, and great for hiding extra weapons in.
3 Coat, leather, black This long coat gives Selene a very mysterious appearance. It’s very long and made out of hardcore leather, like most of her outfit.
4 Guns, costume These cosplay pistols are exact replicas of Selene’s original pistols which are important weapons for her hunting.
5 Holster, thigh You can keep your pistols in this thigh holster that will hold the pistols in a way similar to Selene.
6 Fangs, costume Since Selene is a vampire, you will need to add fangs like these to your costume to add.
7 Wig, black, short Selene has short black hair that is cut in a bob style. A lot of the time it’s messy, so don’t be afraid to fluff it up.
8 Boots, black Selene has really cool badass boots that are tall, black, and have straps going up bottom to top.

Selene’s style is sort of the ultimate badass female fighter look. Not to mention that fact that she is a vampire who hunts werewolves definitely helps with the overall badass factor.

She definitely dresses the part as well. Her outfit starts with a super tight black leather bodysuit that covers basically her whole body, and then a sexy black corset over that.

Then she wears this really edgy black leather coat that is pretty long. On her feet are heeled combat boots that should be hard to fight in, but she some how manages it.

Selene uses extremely badass pistols to help her fighting and killing, but a lot of her acrobatic moves do the trick to.

Selene Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Selene is not one for much makeup, but she does have a minimal edgy look that you can also achieve by following this makeup tutorial.

About Selene

Selene is part of the Underworld series and is what is called a Death Dealer.

After she was turned into a vampire, a tragic incident turned her to hate werewolves, or Lycans. She made a vow to kill them all, and is on the hunt for Lycans all the time. She is played by British actressKate Beckinsale who also played as yet another vampire fighter Anna Valerious with Van Helsing.