Al Bundy and Peggy (Married with Children) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Al Bundy and Peggy’s Costume from Married… with Children

Married…with Children is a sitcom where Al Bundy and Peggy Bundy are the main couple. Their scenes show Al in a seemingly post-work outfit involving a button down shirt with necktie, pants, and an optional windbreaker or jacket. Meanwhile, Peggy shows off her lazy style in a printed long-sleeved top and dark pants which she wore with earrings. She also has a redhead hive wig to complete her look.

Keep your next couple costume fun and take cues from Al and Peggy. Shop for the pieces below:

For Al Bundy Costume

Al Bundy Married With Children Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Button down Shirt Kick off Al’s look with a light colored dress shirt.
2 Necktie Wear a striped necktie with the shirt.
3 Grey Pants Match the top with grey trousers.
4 Brown Jacket Layer a brown windbreaker to complete the look.
5 Trucker hat No Ma’am, Vintage Style Trucker Hat Prop
6 Football Jersey Alternative to wearing his salesman suit outfit

For Peggy

Peggy Married With Children Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Leopard Top Pull off Peggy’s vintage charm with a leopard top.
2 Black Leggings Wear black leggings to match with the shiny top
3 Earring Add a little more shimmer with a pair of earrings.
4 Hive Wig Nail the look with a vintage wig.
5 Cinch belt Rock the 80s fashion with waistband belt
6 Red Pumps For the foot, wear these

About Al Bundy and Peggy

Al Bundy and Peggy are the lead characters in the sitcom show “Married…with Children”. Al and Peggy married at shotgun and their relatonship is full of apathy, most especially towards Al and his job which Peggy and his family often belittle.

Al Bundy is often described to have the “Bundy curse” as seen in his not so lucrative job as a shoe salesman for which his family and even his wife mocks him for. He is also said to be a misanthrope and has negative views of the people around him. Meanwhile, Peggy is described as a lazy wife who refuses to do housework or find a job yet wants to have luxuries for her own. She is the main person who mocks Al and would mostly steal money from him which rans him to debt.