Dale Cooper Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Dale Cooper Costume

Dale Cooper Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Suit Smart, classy, and sharp black suit
2 Dark Necktie Classic dark-colored necktie
3 Oxford Leather Shoes A nice pair of Oxford leather shoes
4 Classic Black Leather Belt A reversible (black and brown) leather belt
5 Watch with Leather Belt A stainless watch with a brown leather belt
6 Costume FBI Badge A costume FBI badge for cosplay dressing
7 White Coffee Mug A plain white cup of coffee with Twin Peaks Logo
8 Stereo Cassette Recorder Optional as Prop

Dale Cooper Signature Look & Outfit

As an FBI agent, Dale Cooper doesn’t just own the badge, but also the look. The costume designer couldn’t make his outfit looks more FBI even if they wanted to. It’s true that Cooper might have had put something casual on from time to time, nevertheless the audience often remember him in a black suit with ties, and with a white mug in his hand. Cooper’s style, though quite plain and simple, had been recreated by fans more than many times along with the signature ‘thumb up’ gesture.

About Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks

In 1990, an out-of-the box T.V. series called “Twin Peaks” was introduced to the world. And with it was the protagonist character, Dale Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan. Dale Cooper is an FBI special agent and he had to come to Twin Peaks in Washington for the first time because he was assigned to solve the brutal murder case of a high school girl named Laura Palmer.

After the case was finished, Cooper decided to stay in Twin Peaks. Joining the community, Cooper had a chance to save town people with his skill to investigate and detect crimes. But the odd didn’t always stay in his favor, one day he got lost in the Black Lodge, and his doppelganger, Evil cooper, came out of nowhere to replace him and cause chaos.

In the supernatural events and mysterious dangers of Twin Peaks, Cooper is the guy to look for. Although the crisis here is about the evil spirits and he is merely a human, he still can handle them all like a pro because that man is not nobody, he is Dale Cooper, an FBI special agent of Twin Peaks who owns a classy black suit with a white mug of coffee.