Laura Palmer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Laura Palmer Costume

Laura Palmer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Princess Tiara You can choose any styles of sparkling tiara for a princess look.
2 Evening Gown A beige colored strapless gown.
3 High Heels This or go for something as light in color to match the dress.
4 Wrist Corsage You can also pick another colors or designs.
5 Stud Earrings A beautiful pair of crystal earrings.

Laura Palmer Dead Body Look

If you want to go for dead body look, then you’ll need to wrap yourself in lots of plastic & maybe put on some blue lipstick.

Laura Palmer’s Signature Look & Outfit

Laura Palmer seemed to have a perfect life for several good reasons: she’s being well-known and loved by town people, she did a volunteer work, and she was a Homecoming Queen.

However, when the audience dive into the story, it shows that she’s a troubled young lady who was addicted to drug and a victim of sexual abuse. Therefore her character presents depth and length beyond what eyes could perceive.

About Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks

Laura Palmer, played by Sheryl Lee, was a seventeen year old girl in who studies high school until she got brutally murdered. Her death had the peaceful little town lived in fear, her infamous case also drawn Dale Cooper to step into Twin Peaks for the first time.

Although the audience will first know her as “the dead girl,” Palmer is actually a crucial character for the series for her death is a spark to start fire of all following events in the show. That said, while the audience learn her story, we also get to see her appearance from the famous prom picture in which she wears a tiara and a white dress.

Although her body was seen by the audience, her real remains are a sweet smile and a prom-princess-styled dress in the photo which engraved in our mind whenever we talk or think about Twin Peaks. We know her as the girl who died, but more importantly, as the girl whose dead starts everything we love about the show.