Dougie Jones (Evil Cooper) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Dougie Jones aka Evil Cooper (Twin Peaks) costume

Dougie Jones Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1. Green Suit Wear this bright green suit to lighten up your mood.
2. Striped Necktie This green striped necktie is a match to your suit.
3. Tan Pants Plain, good-looking pants that could fit in with any style.
4. Green Leather Belt More green accessory to complete the look.
5. Brown Leather Shoes A classic color pair of shoes with a little twist for fun
6. White Shirt Long Sleeved
7. Coffee Mug Optional

Evil Cooper, or Dale Cooper’s doppelganger, created Dougie Jones from a gold seed (its color replicates in Dougie’s yellow suit) and Dale Cooper’s collective thoughts so he won’t be sent to the Black Lodge. Despite his laughable look, Dougie Jones’ character also carries some dark elements with him: He often has episodes in which he seemed as if he has Catatonia syndrome, or an abnormality of movement involving mental problem.

For some reason, Dougie Jones’ bright clothes seem to be oversize and baggy which adds even more comic sense to the character, so if you want your costume to have even more accuracy you should buy a few number bigger of your regular size.

About Dougie Jones

Dougie Jones, played by Kyle MacLachlan, is one of the characters who are introduced in Twin Peaks 2017. And it wouldn’t be a lie to say he is well liked by the audience for every time we see him on the screen we will see the character who wears a bright colored suit with humorous actions. However, he’s neither a human being nor a spirit, in fact, he’s known as “tulpa” or a decoy of FBI agent Dale Cooper, created by Evil Cooper.

The character of Dougie Jones might have had little time with the audience, but he’s going to be remembered by a lot of fans because he also introduces the other version of our beloved Dale Cooper (beside his evil doppelganger, of course), which is colorful and funny. To dress like him is to dress like Dale Cooper with less intensity and seriousness.