Wayne & Garth (Wayne’s World) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Wayne & Garth Costume

How to make Wayne Campbell Costume

Wayne Campbell Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Plain Black Shirt Wayne dresses the simpler of the duo and prefers a plain black shirt.
2 Ripped Denim Pants But he is still a metal head, so ripped jeans are in order!
3 Black Converse Wayne loves the color black so it doesn’t come as a surprise that his converse shoes are black as well.
4 Black Mullet Wig Wear this black mullet wig to imitate Wayne’s hairstyle.
5 Wayne’s World Cap Since he is the energetic host of his own show, it isn’t surprising to see Wayne wearing his own merch.
6 Inflatable White Guitar Wayne loves his white electric guitar so bring along an inflatable alternative for easy carrying.

How to make Garth Algar Costume

Garth Algar Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Graphic White Tee Garth loves bands and is not afraid to show his devotion by wearing a white band shirt.
2 Blue/Violet Flannel Shirt Garth layers his outfit with a blue and violet flannel shirt with the buttons undone.
3 Ripped Denim Jeans Like his best friend, Garth is a metal head and ripped jeans were in then (and even now).
4 Black Converse Garth wears a similar pair of shoes with his best friend, a classic pair of black converse sneakers.
5 Blonde Mullet Wig & Black Rimmed Glasses Buy this blonde mullet wig and black rimmed glasses set to complete your Garth look.
6 Classic Wooden Drumsticks Garth loves drumming on his knees with wooden drumsticks so bring a pair along.

If there’s one thing we’re 100% sure about Wayne and Garth is that they’re very much dedicated to doing what they love. They may not be your typical handsomely rugged and socially adept TV personalities, but they make up for all the awkward situations with their ever-present enthusiasm.

Wayne and Garth look dress very casually. Wayne prefers something plainer like a black shirt and jeans, finished off with a cap on his head. Garth looks more like a regular band enthusiast in his white band t shirt, plaid shirt, and ripped jeans. Here’s everything you need to look like Wayne and Garth

About Wayne and Garth

Wayne Campbell is played by renowned comedian Mike Myers (also known for his roles such as Austin Powers & Shrek). Garth Algar was played by equally talented comedian Dana Carvey.

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