Wynter Barkowitz Costume from Zombies 2 for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Wynter Barkowitz’ Costume from Zombies 2

Wynter Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Shirt Wynter’s main costume palette includes the purple shirt color.
2 Vest She also wears a brown vest.
3 Pants Keep the costume going with your choice of dark skinny pants.
4 Boots Add boots to the outfit to match the vest.
5 Cuff Keep the outfit werewolf-looking with a cuff on one arm.
6 Bracelet Then, wear more bracelets on each arm.
7 Press-On Nails You can also wear press-on nails to highlight the werewolf look.
8 Necklace This necklace will also pair well with the bracelets.
9 White Streaks For the hair, you can wear them in Wynter’s style starting with a white streak of hair.
19 Purple Eyeshadow Recreate her makeup look with this palette.
11 Lipstick Then, wear purple lipstick.
12 Fangs Nail the werewolf costume with a set of fake fangs

Wynter’s primary color palette for her costume features a purple shirt and matching eyeshadow and lipstick combination. She also wears a brown vest and lace-up boots. For the werewolf touch, Wynter wears a furry cuff, press-on pointy nails, and a pair of fangs. She also has a necklace.

About Wynter Barkowitz

Wynter Barkowitz is a character from the film Zombies 2. She is one of the youngest werewolves in the show and was initially thought to be an antagonist. However, as the story progresses, she is shown to have a good heart. Her werewolf powers is believed to be enhanced with the moonstone necklace she wears.