Zoey Necrodopolis (Zombies) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Zoey Necrodopolis’s Costume from Zombies

Zoey Necrodopolis Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Maroon Long-Sleeved Shirt Start with a maroon top.
2 Green Vest You can also wear a green vest on top of the maroon piece.
3 Plaid Skirt Keep the look girly with this skirt.
4 Denim Jeans Add a layer of denim to the outfit, too.
5 Sneakers Keep the sneaker game strong with this pair.
6 Green Watch Wear a digital watch to match with the hair and skirt.
7 White Body Paint Keep her look pale with a layer of white make-up.
8 Green Wig Wear a green wig then put them in braids.

Zoey’s pale look gets a touch of color thanks to her green hair. She styles herself with a maroon shirt, green vest, plaid skirt, and sneakers. To complete her look, be sure to wear white make-up and a green watch, too.

About Zoey Necrodopolis

Zoey Necrodopolis is a character from the musical film Zombies 3.

She is introduced as Zed’s sister. Zoey is a passionate girl who longs to have own dog and become a cheerleader.