Gunter's (Adventure Time) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Gunter costume from Adventure Time

Gunter Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Unisex Penguin Costume This is a funny and awesome penguin costume for both men and women. However the costume comes with the red bow tie, which is out of the character, so you might want to cut it off with the scissors.
2 Penguin Costume for Kids Don’t leave your toddler or youngster out of the fun, dress them in a penguin costume made for small kids. Again, you might want to cut off the red bow tie.
3 Inflatable Penguin Costume for Adults If the regular costume is not cool enough for you, grab this inflatable penguin costume for a good and louder laugh.
4 Funko POP Gunter Action Figure If you love Gunter, Get this awesome Gunter action figure from Funko!
5 Gunter Plush Gunter also comes in a cute little plush form waiting for you to pick him up.
6 Ice King & Gunter Plush Slippers Since the Ice King and Gunter often show up in pair, why don’t you just get the slippers with both of them on it?!
7 Gunther Bobble Beanie Optional beanie

Gunter’s signature appearance looks quite simple for it merely is a regular penguin. It has a black back and flippers with white belly, yellow beak and feet, and big black eyes. Thus Gunter looks really adorable and harmless. If you’re interested in Gunter’s cute look, check out the list down below on Gunter’s inspired style!

About Gunter

Gunter, played by a voice actor Tom Kenny, is a recurring character in a Cartoon Network’s well-received fantasy and adventure animated TV series Adventure Time, which is the story of a teenage human named Finn and his magical dog best friend Jake exploring the Land of Ooo and defeating the bad guys. Gunter is appeared to be a penguin and the Ice King’s personal servant, whereas other penguins are just slave.

But its appearance doesn’t define what it really is. Gunter is actually the ancient cosmic being known as “Orgalorg” disguised as a penguin. The ancient cosmic being, also known as deities and cosmic entities, is the most powerful creature in the land of Ooo and, with a vast number of them being immortal. And Gunter’s secret ambition is to conquer the solar system. On the other hand, Gunter, as a servant penguin, is quite vandal for not caring what it breaks or destroys. Nevertheless, Gunter often shows its loyalty to the Ice King.

Image Credit: Pinterest