Ice King (Adventure Time) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Ice King (Adventure Time) Costume

Ice King Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Costume Beard Get a white costume beard to recreate Ice King’s facial hair.
2 Adult Jeweled Crown Costume You should look for a golden crown costume that looks similar to that of the Ice king’s.
3 Blue Long Night Shirt for Men Ice King wears a full body blue robe with long sleeves, so you can get a long blue shirt with long sleeves to work instead.
4 Light Blue Body Paint Cover your face in a light blue body paint to get the Ice King’s signature skin color.
5 Costume Robe If you don’t want to put together pieces, you can also get this finished Ice King costume robe.
6 Gunter Plush Ice King is frequently seen with his companion Gunter, so why not bring a plush toy.
7 Plush Why not getting a cute and fluffy plush of the Ice King as well?
8 Blue Slippers You’re free to complete the look with any pairs of blue slippers that you prefer!

Ice King has long white beard, a gold royal crown, and a long blue robe. We can say that his signature color is blue regard to his power pact and ice nature. If you’re interested in recreating the ice king’s look, follow our list down below!

About Ice King

Ice King, played by an actor Tom Kenny, is one of main characters in a Cartoon Network’s popular fantasy and adventure animated TV series Adventure Time, the show about a teenage human named Finn, and his magical dog best friend Jake, exploring the Land of Ooo and defeating the bad guys. Ice King is a ruler of the ice kingdom who is presented as Finn’s and Jake’s foil because he often kidnaps a princess and force her tom marry him.

With his crown, Ice King has the ability to unleash ice and winter power which means he will have no power without it. Unfortunately, at the same time, his crown is the reason why he loses his sanity. Therefore Ice King’s often misunderstood because of his mental problem. Although Ice King is presented as an antagonist in the early of the show, he has never been a serious threat according to Princess Bubblegum, just a little bit annoying.

Image Credit: Viluvector