Ice Queen in Adventure Time Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Ice Queen (Adventure Time) Costume

Ice Queen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Wavy & Long Wig Recreate Ice Queen’s hairstyle with a white wavy and long wig.
2 Small Crown Costume You should look for a small gold princess crown costume decorated with colored jewels.
3 Gold Necklace You’re free to choose any necklaces that you like to wear, but you need to make sure they’re in gold and grand because it’s for a queen.
4 Light Blue Body Paint Paint your revealed skin with a light blue body paint to get the Ice Queen’s signature skin color.
5 Blue Princess Gown What you need to look for here is a medieval-styled princess gown in blue color.
6 Blue Shoes Complete your look with a pair of blue high heels that you like.

In association with her power set and nature, Ice Queen’s skin color is icy blue and her long wavy hair is white. She also wears a blue long sleeved princess gown with a pair of blue shoes, a gold necklace, and a tiara. If you want to recreate her icy cool style, check out the list down below!

About Ice Queen

Ice Queen, played by a voice actress Grey DeLisle, is a gender-swapped version of the character of Ice King in a Cartoon Network’s well-received fantasy and adventure animated TV series Adventure Time, the show about a teenage human named Finn and his magical dog/best friend Jake exploring the Land of Ooo and defeating the bad guys.

Ice Queen, like other gender-swapped characters, only exists in the fan fiction written by Ice King. And like Ice King, Ice Queen has an ability of ice and winter which is generated by her tiara.

Image Credit: Deviantart