Marceline the Vampire Queen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Marceline the Vampire Queen Costume

Marceline Abadeer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long Black Wig “To get Marceline’s nice look, you must nail her long black hair. Look for an extra long black wig with, if possible, blue highlight.”
2 Vampire Fangs Costume “Let the world know that you’re Marceline the Vampire Queen by adding a pair of costume vampire fangs to the look.”
3 Vampire Bite Marks Effect Kit “For bite marks, you can easily use dark markers or make up to draw and paint two little holes on your neck, or you can buy a bite marks special effect set for more realistic.”
4 White Body Paint “Cover yourself in white body paint to get the vampire pale skin look.”
5 Gray Tank Top “Any plain gray tank tops would be perfect, you don’t have to get a complicated design.”
6 Denim Pants “Like the tank top, this is easy to find, just look for a simple pair of denim pants.”
7 Red Boots “This is the only colorful thing in Marceline’s outfit, so just look for a nice pair of red boots with simple design.”
8 Ax Bass Replica “This is Marceline’s weapon, so you should look for a nice replica of her Ax bass.”

Despite her old age, Marceline has quite simple and modern outfits. Also her style speaks of rock music.

Her signature style includes gray tank top, denim pants, red boots, while her appearance speaks of the vampire: pale skin, fangs, and bite marks.

Also, Marceline has a very long black hair with a little bit of blue highlighted that reflects her rock style. Check the list below on how to rock her look!

About Marceline the Vampire Queen

Marceline Abadeer or well known as Marceline the Vampire Queen, played by a voice actress Olivia Olson, is one of main characters, considered the third important one after Finn and Jake, in a Cartoon Network popular fantasy-adventure animated TV series Adventure Time, which tells the story of a teenage human named Finn, with his best friend Jake, who together explore the Land of Ooo and battle the evil forces.

Marceline, a daughter of Hunson Abadeer the demon who rules the Nightosphere, is 1003-year-old vampire therefore she’s very wise which makes her a scary rival to Finn and Jake when they first meet.

Nevertheless, soon after, she becomes the boys’ closest friend and joins them in a number of fights. Her old age also shape her personality as well, having to see so many things for a thousand years makes her fearless and reckless dare devil, also a traveler who loves exotic things.

Image Credit: Jenny Lorenzo