Adventure Time's Marshall Lee Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Marshall Lee Costume from Adventure Time

Marshall Lee Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Short Black Wig Marshall has an anime-style dark hair, so you’re going to need a short black wig that has the anime feel to it to recreate his hair.
2 Vampire Fangs Prop Let everybody knows that you’re a vampire king by wearing vampire fangs prop.
3 guitar Get Marshall’w unique guitar.
4 White Body Paint Paint your skin with white body paint to get the vampire-like skin.
5 Red Plaid Shirt A simple designed plaid shirt with black and red color schemes.
6 Denim Pants Any pair of denim pants would be perfect. Just make sure they’re blue and don’t forget to cuff them.
7 Red Converse Look for a pair of pale red converse that go with your shirt.
8 Plush Get this cute licensed plush of Marshall Lee for your self or your friends!

Just like Marceline, Marshall Lee has a vampire look to him; he has pale skin, fangs, and bite marks on his neck. His clothes’ color scheme is black and red. Marshall’s signature look is red plaid shirt with denim pants and red sneakers. He also has Ax Bass as his signature weapon which is not at all different from Marceline’s. Follow the list below to get Marshall’s awesome bad vampire/boy look!

About Marshall Lee

Marshall Lee or Marshall Lee the Vampire King, played by an actor and rapper Donald Glover, is a gender-swapped version of Marceline the Vampire Queen’s character in a Cartoon Network’s well-received fantasy and adventure animated TV series Adventure Time, which tells the story of a teenage human named Finn and his magical dog best friend Jake, who together explore the Land of Ooo and battle the bad guys.

Marshall Lee is created from Ice King’s fan-fiction where everyone is being alternated from their identity in the real world. Just like Marceline, Marshall has the vampire ability such as floating, and he’s considered a wise person. However, unlike Marceline, he often calls himself a villain and enjoys every time others call him “a bad boy.” Despite his yearn to be a bad person, Marshall is Fionna’s good friend, like Marceline to Finn, but he seems to flirt with her all the time.

Image Credit: justonemorewonthurt