Fionna the Human (Adenture Time) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Fionna the Human costume from Adventure Time

Fionna The Human Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Long-Sleeved Shirt “Fionna’s shirt has the exact same color of Finn, which is blue, however the only difference is her shirt has longer sleeves.”
2 Denim Mini Skirt “Any plain designed denim mini skirt would be just perfect for this look. Noted that you don’t have to go for anything too fancy in details.”
3 White Socks “While Finn has his white socks rolled down, Fionna wears thigh-high white socks with triple-blue-ring pattern on the top.”
4 Black Slippers “Fionna’s shoes are similar to those of Finn’s, so you just have to look for a simple pair of black slippers for women.”
5 Green Backpack “Search a for a backpack in lime-green color if possible, or regular green is doable too.”
6 White Two-Ears Hat “This hat is the most important part of the look, so you should get the replica that looks most similar to the original”
7 Pink Toy Sword “Fionna carries a sword as Finn does, but her sword’s color is pink, so paint it in pink.”
8 Blond Wig “Fionna, unlike Finn, shows off her blond hair, so you should wear a blond wig to replicate the look.”

Because they’re the same person, Fionna’s style is mostly a female version of Finn’s, and the signature two-ears hat remains, but is adapted to be more feminine like other items. Fionna wears a blue T-shirt with denim mini skirt and thigh high white socks with a pair of black shoes, and most importantly, she has a feminized two-ears white hat on with her blond hair shown off. Fionna also carries the same lime green backpack that Finn has. For her weapon, Fionna has a pink sword. The list below will guide you to Fionna’s style.

About Fionna the Human

Fionna is an in-universe fictional character and the gender-swapped version of Finn, people also know her as Fionna the Human, played by a voice actress Madeleine Martin, in the very popular fantasy-adventure animated TV series Adventure Time from Cartoon Network channel, which tells the story of a teenage human named Finn as he explores the Land of Ooo and overcomes the evil forces.

Accompanied by a magical cat named Cake, who’s a gender-swapped version of Jake, Fionna explores and defeating evils in the realm of the Land of Ooo, created by the Ice King in his fan-fiction, where everyone is being alternated from their identity in real world, whether it’s gender or species. Fionna’s personality is not too different from Finn at all, except the fact that she’s a calm person, because she’s kind, fearless, and adventurous. Most importantly, she loves fixing the wrong to right and helps the innocents from evil acts.

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