Isabelle (Animal Crossing) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Isabelle Costume

Isabelle Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Knit Vest Channel your inner Isabelle with a green knit vest.
2 White Peter Pan Collar Blouse Pair your vest with this cute white blouse underneath it.
3 Navy Blue Skirt Match your look with this chic navy blue skirt.
4 Short Blonde Buns Wig Wear this pre-styled blonde wig to get Isabelle’s iconic look.
5 Dog Ears and Tail Set Be in character with this dog ears and tail set.
6 Red Folding Bow Tie Complete your attire with this red folding bow tie around your neck.
7 Costume Set Want a hassle-free time cosplaying? Grab this Isabelle costume set.

Isabelle is the first character you encounter when you arrive in New Leaf. She acts as your secretary as the mayor of town. Isabelle is a friendly and hardworking assistant who is always eager to help make the town a better place.

Isabelle is well-known for her smart attire. She wears a white Peter Pan collared shirt underneath a green vest, a blue mini skirt, a red ribbon tie, and dog ears and a tail.

About Isabelle

Did you now that Isabelle has her own Twitter account? Animal Crossing’s account on Twitter is usually handled by Isabelle but sometimes other characters take over it as well.

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