XXXTENTACION Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make XXXTENTACION’s Costume

Xxxtentacion Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dreadlock Wig You can get a dreadlock wig and style it like XXXTENTACION’s.
2 Paint His hair usually changes in color so you can select a color of your choice to paint the wig with.
3 White Tank Top While waiting for the paint to dry, get a tank top.
4 Denim Jacket Top off the look with a denim jacket, too.
5 Printed Shorts For your bottoms, you can opt for brightly printed shorts.
6 Eye Liner Get red and white eye liner to recreate his tattoos.
7 Chain Necklace Style the top with this necklace.
8 Sunglasses Add a cool pair of sunnies to the outfit.
9 High-Cut Sneakers Be sure to wear dark high-top shoes for an added edge.

XXXTENTACION is recognized for his often-colorful dreadlocks. Make this focal point of the costume by getting a dreadlock wig and then painting it in a color of your choice. Another point to his look are his face tattoos. You can recreate this by drawing on the face using red and black eyeliner or make-up pencils. For the outfit, you can wear a tank top and denim jacket paired with printed shorts. Complete the look with black high-top sneakers.


XXXTENTACION was best known as a rapper and songwriter from the USA. He was a controversial celebrity thanks to his numerous legal cases although he has gained a cult following in his fanbase. He music is known for its depression themes and alienation, leading his fans to cherish his versatility. He became popular with his song called Look at Me.