Alice Angel Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make an Alice Angel Costume

Alice Angel Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shirt, gray Alice’s body is a white or gray color due to her being based on an old school cartoon. This light gray shirt will help give you the same effect due it covering your upper body in its color.
2 Tights, gray These tights are used for the same reason as the shirt and meant to be worn under the dress.
3 Dress, vintage, black Alice wears a vintage style black dress based in the time of old cartoons. This dress is similar to what she wears and cute at the same time.
4 Bowtie, white You’ll use this white bowtie as a cute accent on your dress. Pin the bow right under your bust, similar to Alice.
5 Sleeves, black Alice wears sleeves like these on her arms, leaving a gap between her dress sleeves and these sleeves.
6 Gloves, white Like most old school cartoon characters, Alice wears white gloves on her hands.
7 Halo, headband To show her status as an angel, instead of wings, Alice has a halo over her head.
8 Horns, white Besides the halo, Alice also has tiny white horns poking out of her black hair, similar to the ones you will see here.
9 Face paint, gray With this gray face paint, you will want to cover every part of your face and neck that is not covered by the gray shirt and leggings.
10 Wig, black Alice’s hair is jet black and quite straight. She also has some bangs to her hair, such as you see with this wig.
11 Heels, vintage, black The last piece of this costume, these retro style heels are what Alice wears on her feet.

Alice Angel’s style can be described as retro and goth, and she wears mostly monochrome clothing. The reason she wears a retro black and white outfit is because her character is based on old school cartoon characters, which were in black and white.

To get her look is fairly simple, with a retro black dress, gray base clothing made of a shirt and tights, as well as a few accessories like a white bow and cute little white horns. Her outfit can be described as creepy-cute, all of her clothing besides her horns are pretty cute items, but her makeup is definitely what brings out the horror in her look.

Alice Angel Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Alice has quite detailed and intricate makeup which you yourself can achieve for your costume by following this helpful makeup tutorial.

About Alice Angel

Alice Angel is a character in the horror based video game Bendy and the Ink Machine. Alice’s character is modeled on old school cartoon characters, and her look is just that.

She is originally a good character, but gets turned evil by another character in the game. Alanna Linayre voices Alice in the game.